Over the years, I have taught courses in electrical engineering and computer science to a wide range of disciplines: from biology and environmental science to paper engineering.  A selection of materials from the courses that I have taught in the past (as well my teaching philosophy, unabridged student feedback, and recommendations written by my past students) are provided in this section of the website.

Teaching is my first and foremost passion—as evidenced by multiple teaching awards and the Certificate in University Teaching.  My involvement in the Future Professoriate Program (FPP) while at Syracuse University not only allowed me to improve my teaching through one-on-one discussions and professional development events, but also through participation in back-end processes, such as preparing materials and student submissions for ABET accreditation.

Currently, I teach at Norwich University (my undergraduate alma mater) in the Department of Computer Science, although I continue to teach electric circuits and advanced image processing courses.